Why MAGNAJOINTS could provide very helpful insight and understanding for restoring a maximizing joint health:


Firstly understand that whatever we speak about on this website or in our products are based on our own personal experience with our own solutions that we have generated for our own selves over the years through: removal of factors that have caused joint problems, through the changing of habits, through the use of supplements, do the discovery of different WAYS of doing an exercise, through dietary tweaking and so on.

You can certainly learn from what we’ve discovered. That said we are not here to diagnose or prescribe, advice or suggest. Please seek the individual guidance by a licensed, competent, knowledgeable healthcare professional who can help you solve your problems by working with you on a one-to-one basis. This is important because each of us have different needs, different habits, different environments, different problems and so on.

We can only speak from our own experience in what has worked well for us in terms of natural and logical methods for restoring joint health and strength, in particular in relation to sedentary lack of use, post-surgery recuperation, poor diet habits and poor other habits.

Additionally we are very keen on mindsets and approaches for the avoidance of injury through everyday living or exercise-related activities. Injury avoidance comes through having strong and flexible joints, knowing how to stretch, understanding muscle knots

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